Linen Button Down


Medium weight for a long life.

Plain weave Linen in a natural beige.




Our linen button down is a nice shirt, but don’t get confused.  This is a “I’m going to look good and not raise a finger, shirt.”  Be warned… if you test it out on casual Friday, you might not make it back to the office after lunch at all.

100% Flax Linen Men’s Shirt.  Medium weight for a slightly more substantial feel.  Long Sleeve.  Untucked Style.

Single stitch tailoring construction. Regular cut. Available in S,M,L,XL,XXL

Same sizing as last year. Fit is true to size.

Linen fabrics require a little more care than our cotton or hemp.  If this is your first linen shirt, please follow care instructions.  Break in time is a little longer than traditional cotton, but trust us… it will be worth it.

No worries on fit! Exchanges honored on all unused items.



Care Instructions:

      -For easy care and a natural look wash gentle and cold with like colors.  Shake out wrinkles, tumble dry low,

and hang while still warm.  If needed, iron hot inside out.


For better color stay and a longer life for your fabrics wash gentle, cold, inside out, and with like colors.

Shake out wrinkles and lay flat to dry.  Iron hot inside out.


As with natural fibers, use care with high heat drying and washing.

Garments have been preshrunk 2x but can shrink further if exposed to high heat.