What we support

From service, then on to fundraising, and now clothing, we are in the business of helping people thrive.

Border Health Staff Trainings

In 2019, The Transient Foundation began the important support of 6 health clinics in the Karen State on the Myanmar / Thai border.  This is an isolated region that has no infrastructure and few amenities.  Just 16 years ago, this remote area suffered the world's worst malaria numbers according the World Health Organization.  Thanks to the work of many volunteers and motivated villagers, life is now much more safe.  These 6 clinics send their staff to the main clinic, pictured above, once or twice per year for two week seminars to refresh basic health and first aid teachings.  The pictures above are from the January 2020 training.  Your clothing purchases were able to cover all travel, housing, food, instructional material, and a gift for each participant and instructors.  Thank you, from a world away, for loving our clothing.  When you do that, people's lives are saved. (2020)

New Health Clinic Bathrooms

Supporting Health Education in one of the most remote areas of Thailand is a very worthy task.  We were honored to provide the spread of knowledge for peoples health.  However, when we saw the state of the only bathroom for 30 people to share for 2 weeks at a time, we were likewise honored to help that situation just the same.  After those nurses made the trek across the jungle, some of them walking for days, we hope there was at least a little bit of relief when they came upon new bathrooms at the clinic. (Fall 2019)

Educational Scholarships for a Migrant Family

For several years, we were blessed with the opportunity to provide educational scholarships for four daughters and a son in a family of Political Refugees.  After fleeing another country due to oppression, the family ended up in Northern Thailand.  It was a trying time for the family- uncertainty like you and I wouldn't know.  We are happy to announce that the father was able to achieve legal statehood and the family is supporting themselves financially!  They have even purchased a new piece of land and are currently building a house.  Thank you for those who have reached out to us in support this young family! (2017-2019)

Replace Water Main, Pumps, and Tanks for the working and living areas of Wildflower Home Women's Shelter

Where there is no water, there is no life... When we heard the news that the water main had busted at Wildflower Home Women's Shelter, quick action could not have come quick enough.  Thankfully, money from your purchase of our clothing was able to immediately fix the problem!  No glorious pictures of smiling people here... but trust me, they were happy!  And aren't those tanks pretty! (Summer 2019)

Statehood for Political Refugees

The man who built Wildflower Home.

Fleeing on foot, chased by communists, a bounty on his head, this man left oppression with his family to find a better life in Thailand.  Finally, legal documents have been achieved and he is living as a free man in Thailand.  The Transient Design was able to assist financially through a long and arduous time of turmoil and uncertainty.  (2017-2019)



Leveling and Prepping for the Foundation of the New Women’s Quarters



In 2017, Wildflower Home Women's Shelter began the ambitious project of a new building to house the women.  This would end up being the largest project to date, requiring massive amounts of work, time, and money from many different donors and volunteers.  As fundraiser began and The Transient Design jumped on board with the first of many large donations to make this project happen.  We put together $2000 from the sale of our clothing to get the project started by bringing in dirt, leveling the ground, and then preparing the foundation for the building.

The new building now offers large bedrooms with private bathrooms, open living areas, and large windows.  This place is nice!  (Fall 2017)


Sustainability and Education in the Garden. Wildflower Home Mushroom Grow











When asked what the current need was, "Mushrooms" was the answer.  Our continued support of sustainability in the garden became the purchase of several hundred mushroom canisters.  This project eventually generated income of around $30USD per day as well as teaching valuable business experience to one women who oversaw the project herself.  (Fall 2017)


Raise the Roof of the Nursery for More Air-Flow. Wildflower Home Women’s Shelter


Thailand is... well, hot.  The nursery building at Wildflower Home Women's Shelter was just the 2nd permanent structure built more than 15 years ago.  During the hot season, the temperature sometimes felt unbearable.  At the request of the Shelter, we were able to fund a project that literally "raised the roof" an additional 4", adding for more airflow.

Rebuild the Damaged Chicken Coop, Wildflower Home Women’s Shelter


Salary Assistance for Executive Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator Wildflower Home

Start with the Foundation. Repairing a failing wall and patio in front of Wildflower Home.