Tank (cotton handweave)


The simplicity of a tank paired with one of the most vibrant handwoven cottons we have ever come across.



A handweave unlike any other... this is your attention getter.

This handloomed cotton tank is a cultural heritage of Northern Thailand, a region rich in textiles and also the location of our design, production, and charitable outreach since 2011.

The highest grade unrefined cotton yarns are dyed, washed, dried, and arranged on wooden looms by hand.  The artistry doesn't end there... a women will weave for weeks to get one roll of fabric.  Each garment of this one of a kind roll of fabric is cut individually by hand so that no two shirts are alike.  Feel good in knowing that you have one of fewer than 25 of these tanks in existence.

Single stitch tailoring used on all seams.  Front pocket.  Each Handwoven Tank is washed and dried twice to preshrink and for softness. Available in XS, S, M.

Proudly made in Thailand at a family owned facility that provides a fair living wage and safe working conditions.  We have worked hands on in this region since we began making clothing in 2011, knowing the customs, speaking the language, and respecting the artisans...  Fair Trade as always!

We offer exchanges on any item that doesn't fit just right.


Care Instructions:

      -For easy care and a natural look wash gentle and cold with like colors.  Shake out wrinkles, tumble dry low,

and hang while still warm.  If needed, iron hot inside out.

-Or for better color stay and a longer life for your fabrics wash gentle, cold, inside out, and with like colors.

Shake out wrinkles and lay flat to dry.  Iron hot inside out.


As with natural fibers, use care with high heat drying and washing.

Garments have been preshrunk 2x but can shrink further if exposed to high heat.

Variations in thread and dye are typical in hand dyed and hand woven fabrics.

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