Pullover Hoodie Cotton

$67.00 $59.00

Lightweight and Simple.  Like your favorite Summer hoodie should be.



Simple pullover hoodie when comfort is king.

100% cotton plain weave fabric is yarn dyed and machine woven.

Summer weight. Relaxed fit.

Available in L, XL, XXL


– Garment Care –

For a natural look, wash gentle and cold. Shake out wrinkles before tumble drying low. Remove while warm and hang. Expect slight shrinking.


For color stay and a cleaner look, machine wash separate, gentle, with garment inside out.
Shake out wrinkles and lay flat to dry. Iron hot.

No direct sun drying, bleach, or spot scrubbing.

Clothing has been preshrunk 2x prior to purchase.
With natural fabrics, some additional shrinking is possible. Use care with heat.

Variation in dye and thread are normal for hand dyed and woven fabrics.