Sunday Hood ( black and maroon handwoven cotton)


Lightweight hoodie with international appeal.  Fabric straight from the hand weaving mecca of Northern Thailand.

100% hand woven cotton.



The Sunday Hood... a Transient Design classic.

Our Sunday Hood is a men's handwoven button up hoodie hoodie casual enough to wear almost anywhere.  This hoodie is made for the comfort life.

100% cotton fabric is made using indigenous methods in Northern Thailand.  Top grade cotton is hand sorted, hand dyed, and hand woven for a look and feel you can't buy at the mall.  Your new favorite hoodie is 1 of less than 20 in the world.

Fair trade as always.  Cut and sewn in a family owned and very nice facility that provides safe conditions.  We know because we are right there working with them!


2 front pockets and untucked style of course. Oversized hood for comfort, headphones, dreadlocks, winter hats...

We washed and dried this hoodie twice to take care of the preshrink for you. Single stitch tailor construction because we don't cut corners. All dyes are set. Wooden hand stitched buttons.

This button up hoodie is in our relaxed cut as always and fit is true to US sizing. Available in M,L,XL.

No worries on fit. Exchanges honored on all unused items.


Garment Care

For a natural look, wash gentle and cold. Shake out wrinkles before tumble drying low. Remove while warm and hang. Expect slight shrinking.


For color stay and a cleaner look, machine wash separate, gentle, with garment inside out.
Shake out wrinkles and lay flat to dry. Iron hot.

No direct sun drying, bleach, or spot scrubbing.

Clothing has been preshrunk 2x prior to purchase.
With natural fabrics, some additional shrinking is possible. Use care with high heat.

Variation in dye and thread are normal for hand dyed and woven fabrics.

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