V-neck Pullover Hood (handwoven alpenglow cotton)


Lightweight for comfort and handwoven for visual texture.



When "don't bother me" comfort is what you want, pull the hood up on this incredibly soft handwoven pullover hood. Simplicity of cut allows for the fabric to speak for itself, and speak it does. All the colors of an alpenglow sunset are woven by hand to create a fabric that is unmistakably singular.

We paired an oversized hood with a v-neckline, waist slits at side let the hips move free, and a hoodie pouch up front. All seams are single stitched tailored for a longer life.

how is our fabric created?

The roll of fabric we used for this garment was woven in the home on a wooden loom using indigenous Northern Thai weaving styles by a women over the course of several weeks. We cut that entire roll into only this style, making your new hoodie 1 of fewer than 20 in existence. Each of these women's handwoven pullover hoods was cut by hand so no two are identical.

This women's handwoven pullover hood was preshrunk twice and can be machined washed. Please use care instructions below to take best care of your fabrics. Gentle washing and drying inside out will preserve colors longer.

If the fit isn't perfect, please contact us and we can get you a different size.  We offer exchanges on all unworn and unwashed garments.

Pictured: Kookkai, Designer, Tailor, Model, and Business Owner, in her V-neck Pullover Hood in Alpenglow (size S).

A little bit about where your shirt came from...

Proudly made in Thailand at a family owned facility that provides a fair living wage and safe working conditions.  We are a husband and wife team that has worked hands on in this region since we began making clothing in 2011 by knowing the customs, speaking the language, and respecting the artisans...  Fair Trade as always!

As with all of our garments, a direct donation of 15% of the purchase of our women's cotton tank goes to our foundation that aids our mission of financial support of a few shelters and clinics in the areas where we do business.  This has been our commitment for 10 years and will continue to be so as long as we are making clothing.

Care Instructions:

      -For easy care and a natural look:

wash gentle and cold with like colors.

Shake out wrinkles, tumble dry low inside out, and hang while still warm.

Iron hot inside out.

-For better color stay and a longer life:

 wash gentle, cold, inside out, and separately.

Shake out wrinkles and lay flat to dry.

Iron hot inside out.

As with natural fibers, use care with high heat drying and washing.

Garments have been preshrunk 2x but can shrink further if exposed to high heat.

Variations in thread and dye are typical in hand dyed and hand woven fabrics.

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